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(RO) Ne place să lucrăm cu oameni care știu cum și pot aduce o schimbare spre bine în viața lor.

(RO) Finanțăm Responsabil!

(RO) Respectăm clienții și facem totul pentru a câștiga încrederea și respectul lor. Înțelegem că relațiile calitative pe termen lung se construiesc doar prin acțiuni responsabile.

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Rate of interest



Rate of interest



Rate of interest


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  • Loan amount 10000 MDL
  • Loan term 12 months
  • Disbursement commission 3% (0 MDL)
  • Monthly Payment 0 MDL
  • Monthly Commission 0%
  • Interest Rate 22%
  • EIR 0%
  • Total Repayment amount 0 MDL
  • Amount paid extra 0 MDL
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Pentru un viitor mai bun în Moldova

De ce Invest Credit

Ne pasă de clienții noștri și ne dorim ca fiecare din ei să valorifice din plin creditul luat, pentru a obține un trai mai bun acasă, în Republica Moldova.


We lend responsible. 99% of clients invest, grow and pay on time

Individual approach

We find the right solution for your needs


Our experts will help you in drawing up your development plan

Reasonable guarantees

We have a flexible approach to pledge and guarantors


Credităm responsabil. 99% din clienți își îmbunătățesc viața și achită la timp


Credităm responsabil. 99% din clienți își îmbunătățesc viața și achită la timp

Despre compania noastră

Recenziile noastre

For my family, goats have always been a source of livelihood. When we had fewer goats, we had enough for ourselves and sometimes sold to others. One day I thought about what it would be like to develop my small farm and took out a loan to buy more goats. With the advice and assistance of the Invest Credit team, I ended up growing my little family business. I am very pleased and grateful for the individual approach.

Tudor Boboc

Goat Business

I’ve worked in construction for years. It’s hard work, but it allows me to take care of my family. I have 3 beautiful children and I strive to give them love and all the necessary living conditions. You know, it’s not always an easy thing. Being always engaged in construction-related work, I was not at peace with the idea that I build in others’ homes, but in my own nest – less so. One day I decided to change something in our entourage and do some repair work. To do this I turned to Invest Credit. I was treated with respect and understanding and given the amount needed for a proper repair. I am grateful to the Invest Credit team. Well done!

Ion Ilinca

House repair

I’ve always loved creating beauty with my own hands. One day I got the courage and turned my hobby of building stoves and fireplaces into a business. It was very difficult to start because I needed expensive materials, and I had a long time to think about it, but I turned to Invest Credit because they are responsible and trusted people.

Ruslan Vicol

Fireplace builder

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