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Read about our clients' success stories and what they have to say about Invest-Credit.

Ivan Cuciuc, agriculture business in Criulen

Ivan began growing vegetables in 1994 in a field near his house. At the end of that season, however, he found that his efforts at sustaining an agricultural business had failed and he had not acquired any income. Rather than quitting, Ivan decided to improve his business by creating two greenhouses where he grew eggplants, tomatoes, and cucumbers. The work Ivan put in to build the greenhouses proved to be a success and his business began bringing in profits the next year.

Since his business started, Ivan has taken out three loans with Invest-Credit ranging from $1,000 to $3,600 USD. With this extra capital, he has been able to purchase more materials to build additional greenhouses, build an irrigation system, increase his seed inventory, and buy more land for further expansion of his agriculture business.

Ivan is excited at the opportunity to access loans through Invest-Credit so that his business has better opportunities to improve each year. With the profits from his greenhouses, he has been able to make several improvements on his house. Ivan is continually seeking out ways to improve his greenhouse business and improve his income, and in the upcoming years he hopes to expand into new markets.

In his own words...

"I am thankful to have access to loans so I don't have to live abroad and can grow my business in a way that provides for my family's needs."

Alexandru Znachkov, furniture production factory in Chisinau

Alexandru began his furniture business in 2003 after years of struggling with low-wage jobs that didn't allow him to support his family. His entrepreneurial drive motivated him to start a business building furniture, since he had some previous construction experience. He began by building wardrobes and kitchen cabinet units in a warehouse, but he had nowhere to sell or display his work and could not afford to pay rent for a facility.

When he heard about Invest-Credit through a friend who had received a loan earlier in the year, Alex decided to take out a loan to expand his operations. His first loan of about $4,000 enabled him to buy new and more efficient equipment for his production, and a second loan of the same amount paid the rent for his store-front where he can now advertise and display his furniture.

Despite the struggles with the recent economic crisis, Alex he is looking forward in his business by finding new ways to distinguish his products. In June 2009, he took out a third loan with Invest-Credit to purchase equipment that would allow him to airbrush and paint his furniture.  The amount of growth Alex would like to see is not occurring as quickly as he would have hoped, but he is thankful that having access to loans through Invest-Credit is allowing him to distinguish his products on the market in new ways.

In his own words...

Alex was very pleased with Invest-Credit and looks forward to taking out more loans in the future: "I like to work with Invest-Credit because the quality of the service is much higher than with other places that lend money."

Olga Tovstenco, clothing production in Chisinau

With a background as a seamstress and an entrepreneurial drive, Olga began producing and selling clothing in the markets in Chisinau several years ago.  In 2008, she left the markets for a greater opportunity to begin producing in smaller boutiques. She is now selling in 3 boutiques. Through her stores, Olga is able to offer her products at a less expensive price than what Moldovans would be able to find in Turkey or Ukraine. Her products include uniforms for many companies throughout Chisinau, as well as customized dresses and clothing that meet individual needs.

Since Olga began selling in boutiques, she has seen her profits dramatically increase and has been able to provide jobs for 11 Moldovans throughout her 3 stores. In 2009, Olga took out her first loan with Invest-Credit worth about $1,600 to purchase more fabric and materials to manufacture the clothing. Having access to this loan has helped Olga increase production for her 3 boutiques. This success is helping her toward her future goal of one day opening boutiques in Moscow.

Victor Caldarean, shoe production factory in Chisinau

Victor comes from a long legacy of shoe makers and learned the trade from his father and grandfather. For many years, he put his skills to use working for a shoe factory but, while work at the factory was reliable, he found it unsatisfying and monotonous. He craved to be challenged in his work and to improve more as a result.

After several years of feeling unfulfilled, Victor decided to open his own shoe shop. Equipped with the skills of a shoe-maker and the knowledge of the business operations from his father, Victor was confident in his entrepreneurial potential. His business was growing, but the summer months were slow for sales and he needed more capital to buy materials to prepare for the winter season ahead. When a friend recommended that he take a loan from Invest-Credit, he took advantage of the idea and, with a loan of $1,000, he was able to purchase high-quality leather and other materials to begin producing shoes for the colder months and get a head-start before the busy season.

Now that he owns his own shop, Victor is in charge of eight other employees and has a lot more responsibility. He finally is able to use different skills other than his shoe-making abilities, and enjoys being challenged in his work. Victor has ambitions to one day expand his production and have a mini-shoe factory that employs 12-16 people. To accomplish this vision, he plans to take out another Invest-Credit loan this next year.

In his own words...
Victor had very good things to say about his interaction with Invest-Credit and the loan process. He especially liked how he was able to pay the loan back slowly over a long period of time. "I like the service and the small interest rate and have only good things to say about Invest-Credit. If I had any bad thoughts, I wouldn't have let you come here and interview me! I only have a good attitude about Invest-Credit.

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