Start Credit Loans

Start Credit Loans are the starting point for emerging entrepreneurs. This loan product was designed especially for the purpose of enabling the creation of a new business. It is the only loan product of its kind in the Moldovan microfinance industry.

Intended for

Beginner entrepreneurs.
May be individuals or legal entities.
May be based in urban or rural areas.

These loans are intended for those who do not have an existing business, or whose business has been in operation less than three months.

No business experience is required. There are no restrictions on the scope of the business, providing that it is not involved in an industry that Invest-Credit deems detrimental to society (sales or production of alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or pornography).

Loan amount

Up to $3,000 with collateral ($1,000 without collateral, on the condition that there exist 2 co-signers). Repeat loans are 100% of the previous loan.

Loan Term

Up to 18 months, preferably 12 months (in exceptional cases when there is collateral, up to 24 months). The minimum loan term is 4 months.

Guaranties Requirements

Collateral is required for loans greater than $1,000.
Two co-signers are required. At least two (of the three signers-- the debtor and two co-signers) must have a permanent place of residence.

Loan application decision

The loan decision is made 1 to 3 day after the loan application is submitted.
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