History of Invest-Credit

Invest-Credit grew from a community based program which first began in 1998. Over the next few years, the program increased dramatically, achieving operational sustainability in 2003. The following year, the program moved its headquarters from the village of Tantareni to Chisinau in order to expand operations and reach a wider community.

In 2005, the organization consolidated its lending activities under a national Microfinance Organization called Invest-Credit. Today, Invest-Credit focuses its activities on micro- and small-business loans and training services.

Invest-Credit is spreading throughout Moldova through a network of branches and lending agents. Its first branch office was opened in the southern city of Cahul in 2007, the second branch was opened in Balti municipality in 2009, and several more branches will open in the next few years. Through its Chisinau headquarters and extension activities, Invest-Credit currently has clients in over 40 communities around Moldova.

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